Friday, June 6, 2008

Another Sign that Composting is Becoming A Mainstream Activity

How surprised was I to come across the Nature Mill Electric Composter in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. Another sign that composting is becoming more mainstream. Personally I prefer nature's way to compost - but if I had an extra $400 laying around this would save me a trip outside to the composter - and I could get rid of my compost bucket. Although they are making those pretty attractive these days!

Obviously, this composter is for the non-gardener - or someone much neater than I. I can't imagine bringing my cutting indoors to compost! That's like backwards world!
According to the catalog, the unit consumes up to 5 lb.s of kitchen waste a day and tranforms it into compost in just two weeks. Unlike a traditional composting system, this machine will also accept dairy, fish and meat. It plugs into a regular electric outlet and uses the same amount of energy as a nightlight.

I'm all for composting our household wastes - if this gets more people doing it, then it's a wonderful product.

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