Monday, July 12, 2010

Fall Veggies

Although it's not quite mid-summer, if you live in deep south Texas, it's time to begin thinking about your Fall vegetable garden.   After many years of gardening, I've finally realized that nothing is more important than doing things in  a timely manner.   I must confess that last spring I didn't get one single vegetable seed planted.   So I sure don't want to miss getting the fall garden in!

Down here in the Valley, our freeze dates run from December 31 through February 2.   Many years, we never get down to freezing.   This gives us more planting flexibility.    Doug Welsh, in Texas Garden Almanac recommends that we purchase transplants (the larger the better) instead of seeds for our vegetable gardens.  He says it will cut a full month from the days to harvest.  

But, you can't be sure which seedlings will be available in the garden centers -  so I'm going with seed this year.   If, by chance, I come across seedlings that someone  else has  taken the time and effort to start, I can always add them later.

When to plant can be confusing, so here is my list of favorite cold weather crops, the months they can be planted (we're talking the seed - add a month on the tail end for large seedlings), and the days to harvest.

Bush Beans, August - September, 30-60
Broccoli, July - November, 60-80
Brussel sprouts, July - November,  80+
Cabbage, July - November, 80+
Carrotts,  August - November, 60-80
Cauliflower, July - October, 80+

Eggplant, August, 80+
Lettuce, August - October, 30-60
Onions, September - November,  80+
Parsley,  July - November,
Peas (green), September
Peppers, July - August, 60-80
Potatoes, September, 80+
Pumpkin, August, 80+
Spinach, September - December, 30-60
Squash (Acorn), August, 40-60
Tomato, July - August, 60-80

I glanced back in my garden journal to help choose varieties.  Some of the ones that I made positive remarks about were Salad Bowl Lettuce,   Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, Celebrity Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, Longstanding Spinach, Southern Comet Broccoli, and Extra Early Blue Lake Green Beans.   What varieties do well for you? 



RJGUTEX said...

I watch your blog religously awaiting an update. I was rewarded today. Thank you!

Brownsville Herb Lady said...

You are right to plan ahead. We are still drying out here so I might do some container gardening in the meantime.

Mary Beth said...

RJGUTEX - after all these months of not writing, I didn't think anyone would still be looking at Cultivating Paradise. I learn so much when I sit down to post something here
Bville Herb Lady - when it's too wet, (which isn't often for us) there is always something we can be doing in or for the garden. Hardest thing for me about container gardening is watering regular. Got some seeds planted in containers this week - with the help of the three year old grand. Step One!