Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking Spring

I have always struggled when it comes to growing plants from seed - and nasturtiums were the biggest challenge of all!  I just never seem to get a very good stand.   Well, a few years back, my friend, Jean Anne, let me in on the secret  . . .  in the Rio Grande Valley, nasturtiums need to be planted before Halloween.   The next year,  I followed her advice, planting seed in late October and, wolah, great stand and a gorgeous border the following spring.   I know I have some pictures on my home computer and will try to post some this evening because, if I do say so myself, they were stunning!  

So, here is fair warning -  There are just FIVE MORE DAYS to get to the garden center, grab some packets of nasturtium seed, and get them in the ground!   Nasturtium has a large hard seed.  If my soil is nice and pliable, I like to scatter the seed and then just rake them in a bit.   I water deeply one time and then they get what the rest of the bed gets.   Because they will sort of "overwinter", I don't worry about how many sprout the first few weeks.  Some will come up; some will look puny through the winter - but come springtime, they will explode!  I imagine they are growing a beautiful root system through our cooler months . . . .  

I have been kicking myself for not mulching my planting beds this summer - there's tons of bare soil showing - but, now that's turned out to be a good thing.    I have lots of places all ready to sow next springs nasturtiums . . .   If you're looking for a colorful spring border that is easy on your pocketbook, consider nasturtiums.

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