Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Edible Garden

I am green with envy!   Here's the entrance to the kitchen garden at Lara Plantation outside New Orleans. 
I want my poor little edible garden to be more attractive and am looking for inspiration!   This is definitely inspiration!   Maybe I can emulate some of this - but on a smaller scale!
Love how the fruit trees line this annual bed!

And what a pretty cucumber support!   Check out the bottle edging. 

  More bottle edging around this peach tree.   This star design would fit any Texas garden!
I think this little bromeliad (?) is strictly for looks.   But mixing edible and decorative is what's happening these days.   I've tried to include a few herbs in random spots of the garden - tomatoes too, but without much fruit success. 

 Pumpkins on this short 'pillars' just for fun!

I do wonder if they grew their food in raised beds when this was a working plantation - talk about ahead of their time!   This is the only 'banana' picture I got.   See the banana plants in the back left?  The bananas were planted in small circular beds - about 6'.  More trimming around the beds but easier harvest of the bananas.

I have shyed away from separate beds in the edible garden - I think I was afraid of getting a wily-nilly look.   But I think I'll try to mix things up a little bit now. 

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