Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bald Cypress

I've always admired the huge cypress trees growing along the rescas in the valley and the rivers throughout the Hill Country.    Two year ago we replaced an old Ashe tree with two fairly small cypress trees.   I didn't expect them both to survive but they did.    They are planted in heavy clay and watered with grey water from our washing machine.     Ours are the native Montezuma Bald Cypress and I love these trees!  The bark has such interest and the fine needle leaves are a lovely pale green color.    It grows fairly fast and will get really large.   Plant at least 20-30 feet from any structure.   We all know how well they do along side a river or stream - but I have read that once established, a Bald Cypress can tolerate drought conditions.   Shortage of water will cause their leaves to turn brown and sometimes fall.  But once the tree receives water, it will flush fresh leaves. 

This line of bald cypress is along a busy street in Houston.     Isn't it lovely lining this sidewalk?    Cypress is commonly used in parking lot beds - and if a tree can grow in a parking lot, growing it in your yard will be a piece of cake!  

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