Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gardening - Just Do It

Clean your house, people!  It costs nothing.  - Nate Berkus

This is exactly how I feel about gardening tasks - but the bonus is you get to do it outside!    Some people act intimidated by gardening, insisting that they have a 'brown thumb'.   In reality, much of gardening is simply tidying up.

Whether your garden is large or small or simply a couple of pots of herbs, its fun to work alone or with a pal.   I regularly put my guests to "work" outside.   They have a definite preference for any plant that is blooming, is edible, or that has butterflies flitting around it.    Well, any of those or anything involving power tools.

 There are some wonderful gadgets to help you in your tasks.   This electric chipper/shredder is easy, safe, and inexpensive.  This one cost about $100 and we've used it for 3 years now.   It chips up much of the trimming that we do around here.    A bonus is the green humus that can either be composted or added to your planting beds as mulch.  

As you consider any spring cleaning you plan to do, don't get stuck inside during beautiful spring days.   Water, trim, tidy things up - and before you know it, you're "gardening"!


Brownsville Herb Lady said...

I'd much rather be outdoors tidying than indoors. Am in the midst of indoor tidying and take my sanity breaks out in the garden! Much less overwhelming. Thanks for your pep talk!

Unknown said...

I would like to add that gardening is also about observation, you notice when pests attack, you notice good insects etc....

Diana said...

Funny, I always seem to have a "stash" of plants waiting to be potted or planted or some garden gizmo that I need to do something with. Drives my husband crazy, but to me, it's wonderful that I always have something to do in the garden!