Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Divide and Repot

Last week, I got a tour of some friends new home - and their very large new backyard.  We talked about some of south Texas plants they aren't familiar with and helped identify the fruit trees, herbs and vegetables left behind by the previous owner.   They have a number of big glazed pots with lush plantings - some that were not looking too hot after the move.   After a discussion of where they were growing before - shade or sun, Matt pointed to one pot containing a plant that he felt just needed to be pulled out and tossed.   When he grabbed it and yanked, the entire rootball came out.  It looked like there was very little soil left in the pot. 

Can you say root bound?   

This has such an easy fix.   Divide and repot.    

I like to spread a tarp, plastic tablecloth or old sheet where I'm going to work preferably on a waist high table.   With a serrated knife, either divide into smaller plants or cut away the old and/or dead parts.  Also, cut away the bottom 1/3 (or more) of the rootball.  Now, you're ready to repot your plant with fresh potting soil and possibly plant a few more pots with the extra material.    Empty everything left on your tarp into your compost bin and enjoy your not-so-new planting.  

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