Saturday, February 16, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Last night's cool front brought with it a still, sunny, & comfortable day. Since we've had to endure near hurricane force winds lately, it was such a joy to be able to stroll around my garden this morning and take a few pictures (even the huge number of garden chores to be done couldn't dampen my spirit). I hope you enjoy my first Garden Bloggers Bloom Day entry - and my wind-whipped flowers. . . .

My spineless cactus, grown from a couple of cactus pads three years ago, is now well over six feet tall. This is the first year that I have had abundant blooms - and aren't they pretty!

This ruellia (Mexican petunia) will spread to every bed in your yard - but since it will still be blooming in the heat of August, I don't mind removing it from where it doesn't belong.

Salvia is a great re-seeder -

Both hummingbirds and butterflies feed heavily on them.

I don't know which I prefer - the orange-red or this pale coral.

I only have pentas in this one color - it is planted in a "red" bed beneath our flagpole.
This one has re-grown from one I planted last spring.
I'd like to add some purple and white ones to this bed for a real patriotic look!

Can you guess what this bloom is?

Ti plant, Cordyline terminalis!

There are many different leaf variations on ti plants. The color on my leaves vary according to the amount of sun each receives. A ti plant is easy to propogate - just cut a stem, put it in soil, and water.

Mexican heather
Cuphea hyssopifolia

Nasturciums - great in flower beds and the flowers are edible too!

Kolanche - these will bloom for about another month
then I'll cut them back to fill in the blank spots of this bed

Bougainvillea begin to bloom with short winter nights.

This one plant will have both pink and orange blooms on the same branch! Check out it's close-up below. . . .

Everyone needs an aloe vera plant for first aid treatment - you can't beat it as a burn salve. These beautiful orange blooms are a bonus.

Crown of Thorn

and dwarf Crown of Thorn

Begonia from the window box

Until I went outside this morning to take pictures, I would have said that very little was blooming (besides a bumper crop of dandelions). Thanks Carol of May Dreams Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!


Kylee Baumle said...

Mary Beth, what GORGEOUS blooms you have! That bougainvillea - wow. I have 'Imperial'Garden', which I love, and a deep pink one, but I love the shading on yours and it's so BIG! Well, you DO live in Texas. LOLOL.

Welcome to the blogging world and GBBD!

Carol Michel said...

You are certainly cultivating paradise down there in Texas. What wonderful blooms you have in your garden. I assume it is like that nearly year around? When do you rest?

And thank you for joining us for bloom day. I like your blog and am going to add it to my feed reader so I am reminded to come and visit "paradise" as you post more.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Aiyana said...

Great photos. It's nice to see a blog that contains many of the plants that I'm familiar with--I love learning about new plants, but reading about the same plants from another's perspective is special. I'll enjoy visiting your blog!

Aiyana said...

Mary Beth,
FYI--I was signed in to the wrong account when I left the previous comment--I'm Aiyana from Water When Dry!

Wicked Gardener said...

I second Aiyana. I recognize many of these myself. The pink coral salvia in my garden is especially pretty right now.

Mary Beth said...

Kylee - you have made me realize I don't even know the name of my bougainvilleas. I always describe them by their color. I think I'll be needing to learn some more complete names . . . Glad you enjoyed my blooms. GBBD was a fun exercise!

Carol - We do have gardening rest-time in deep south Texas - it's during the heat of the summer! I'm sure Aiyana from Water from Dry can relate to that!

Aiyana - My recent visit to my mother in Phoenix renewed my love of desert plants. I'll have to satisfy that with your photos.

Wicked Gardener - Reading blogs has helped me find the similarities my area has with Florida gardens. I'll look forward to checking what you're doing in your garden often.

Mary Beth

kate said...

I like your two-toned Bougainvillea - is it ever lovely. I wish I lived in a place where I could see Ruellia grow year round along with different kinds of Salvia. I love red Salvia.

Best are the blooms on your spineless cactus - are they ever cool!

Tira said...

Wow, I cant believe we have so many plants in common-all the blooms pictured except the begonias. I have become a fan of ti leaves for their ease of growth and propagation and pretty foliage-hence I now have 6 colors/kinds-all taken from cuttings from friends..