Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I began reading gardening blogs when my daughter and son-in-law asked for help with their Austin garden. Knowing the best advice would come from local gardeners, I began searching for Austin gardening sites. First I found Pam at Digging - through the next few months I stumbled upon a few other great Austin blogs. Then I found Blotanical! This site has hundreds of garden blog members from all over the world. My favorite feature of Blotanical is the search map - just click on a part of the map and it zooms in and flags the home cities of member garden bloggers. Now I was cookin'! By the time I discovered Blotanical, I was hooked - and set off to find bloggers who garden in similar conditions to mine. (Hot and humid!) I would have never found Meems in her central Florida tropical garden, Hoe & Shovel, without Blotanical. Although I'm not crazy about some of the competitive features of Blotanical, I must admit I log in and check out the current list of posts every day (like I said, I'm hooked).
I find I'm buying fewer gardening magazines these days, but I'm reading more about gardening - all online. I've enjoyed following Vicki's (Playin' Outside) progress installing her rain harvesting tanks. Click here to read her first installment. Just the other day I learned about the "lasagna" method of making a new flowerbed. I've got some really heavy clay and can't wait to try this! So, instead of channel surfing tonight, log onto Blotanical and read some really good stuff!


Melanie Chopay said...

Mary Beth, I agree with you, blotanical has been a blast! I can't believe what I've learned here in the last month.

Meems said...

I'm so glad you found my blog and now I've gotten to know yours as well.

Blotanical has been an interesting find. I seem to spend lots of time right here on the internet and really enjoying other garden blogs. It is amazing how much I've learned.

You deserve a red star, Mary Beth!
Meems @ Hoe&Shovel

Anonymous said...

A Red Star is on its way Mary Beth. Cheers for the post.

Mary Beth said...

Melanie - I never imagined I would learn so much from gardeners just like me (not to speak of all the garden professionals who blog)

Meems - I do find I spend ALOT of time on Blotanical - now that we have hit my local gardening season, (and it's light later), more of that time will be spent out in the garden . . .

Stuart - Thanks for the Red Star!

Anonymous said...

I was happy to find your blog too, Mary Beth. We need more Texas garden bloggers outside of Austin. ;-)
I enjoy seeing what grows in south Texas.