Sunday, March 30, 2008

Check Out This Gruss an Aachen!

This Gruss an Aachen floribunda rose has responded wonderfully to its February pruning and fertilizer. Planted at the end of 2003, it has been given very little care. Outside of a weekly watering and yearly (or sometimes twice a year) application of a time released fertilzer, this rose is on its own! The only disease treatment consists of me plucking off the effected leaves.

I sure wish this picture captured the bloom colors better. Gruss an Aachen has more coral than came through in the photos. There is just a huge range of colors in the buds and blooms. As the buds open, they fade to a pink so pale it's almost white.
This three to four foot shrub works well either in containers or as part of a perenial bed. The 3" double blooms have a sweet honey smell. When I bring myself to cut some for an vase, I make sure they are placed where I can catch the wonderful aroma.

Gruss an Aachen is believed to be the rose that began the Floribunda class. Floribundas were developed by crossing the large flowers of Hybrid Teas with the carefree Polyanthas.
For some great ideas on incorporating Antique Roses into your landscape, check out Mike Shoup's Antique Rose Emporium. They have display gardens at both their locations. The original location in Independence, Texas has more of an Early Texas/Cottage Garden look while the San Antonio location takes you to a Spanish Hacienda. If you can't get there in person, you can always take a cyberspace tour!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

What beautiful roses .. I have ordered some climbers for when Spring finally makes it here ..
I feel the same way about cutting them .. I love the scent but love how they look in the garden too !
Such a nice post to read as I look at the snow on our deck still ..

Aiyana said...

The roses are beautiful. Do you grow them in pots? I just planted three rose bushes--first time in over 30 years that I've had roses--and I think it would be easier if I just grew them in pots, but I don't know anyone around here that does it.

Mary Beth said...

Gardenjoy4me - I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person hesitant about removing beautiful blooms from the garden (the decision is easier on our windy days) I hope you get some warm weather soon!

Aiyana - I first noticed potted roses on a trip to Santa Fe and couldn't wait to follow suit. I made sure I chose varieties that wouldn't get too large. I have two in ground roses and three potted ones. There is not difference in the care they get - or in how they perform.

Nancy - go glad you liked the rose blossoms.

Connie said...

A lovely rose...wish I could smell the fragrance.

Katarina said...

What a lovley rose! Why haven't I got that one in my garden...? /Katarina

Meems said...

Very nice blooms and great photos, Mary Beth. Beautiful colors even if we don't get the full effect of the variations.
I gave up on roses a few years back but the sight of yours makes me think I might need to pot up a couple... hmmmm.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Anonymous said...

Gruss an Aachen is beautiful. It is such a nice pink. Floribundas do not well in my garden. I am more successful with Teas. Perhaps I have planted the wrong ones. I like "Bewitched" and Tiffany both do well. Iceberg does very well and I make always cuttings over winter.

Mary Beth said...

Meems - I did dig up a couple I had planted in a bed - but absolutely love the ones I have in pots! They're just so carefree - not what I expect from a rose!

Connie & Katarina - I hope you grow roses - not many plants as fragrant bloom as long!

Trudi - I'm on a bit of a rose kick so I'll have to check out Bewitched, Tiffany, and Iceberg! Thanks for sharing your favorites!

Anonymous said...

Gruss an Aachen has been my favorite rose ever since my parents gave me five bushes of this variety for my 32nd birthday. They came from Wayside Garden catalogue and were fabulous in my hot Scottsdale, AZ. garden. I planted them on the north side of our home where they appreciated a break from our scorching sun. That was fifteen years ago....

Thank-you for the awesome photos of your lovely shrub. Enjoy!