Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Mutual Admiration Club and My Picks for the Excellent Blog Award

I am honored that Meems from Hoe and Shovel passed along the Excellent Blog Award to Cultivating Paradise. The fact that Hoe and Shovel is one of my absolute favorite gardening blogs makes this even bigger for me. Shortly after joining Blotanical, I began reading Meems' blog. It became an instant favorite of mine. Her pictures are stunningly beautiful and I love her layout - She includes some cool stuff on the sidebar (is that what its called?), such as info and links for places to visit in her neck of the woods and a column of pictures showing what is blooming in her garden that month.

There are rules for passing along the E award: By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you agree to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Blog Award worthy. Needless to say, Hoe and Shovel would have been at the top of my list - but there is no shortage of excellent garden blogs floating around cyberspace, so here goes.

First off, I must commend Pam of Digging ; hers was the first blog I read on a regular basis and she inspired me to create Cultivating Paradise. I found her blog when I was searching for info about gardening in Austin. She's got great pictures and lots of great ideas. She is the Diva of Texas Garden Bloggers.

Next is a blog that I have only recently discovered. David Perry of A Photographers Garden Blog is a real jewel. Great writing - sometimes about gardening, sometimes about photography, sometimes about random, yet interesting or entertaining stuff - and GREAT pictures (duh!)

And now for the rest of my list (in no particular order) - these men and women make me laugh, make me cry, inspire me with what they create, educate me, and entertain me. They may be surprised that I am passing this award on to them because I am often a silent fan. (But I'm trying to find a little extra computer time to leave comments on my regular reads.)

BVDB from Playin' Outside in Central Texas
Vertie at Vert in the Austin, Texas area -
Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings in Oklahoma
Seeds, an Austin Gardening Journal
Lee at The Grackle, Austin
Jane Marie at Thyme for Herbs, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sharon at My Chutney Garden, the Carribean
Carol at May Dreams Gardens, Indiana

Thanks for sharing your gifts with us all!


Jane O' said...

Mary Beth, I am SO honored to be one of the blogs you chose for the Excellent Blog Award, and humbled to be in the company of the other bloggers on your list. I will display my award proudly and pass it on to some of my favorite garden bloggers. Thank you very much.

The Diva said...

Mary Beth,

Thank you so much for giving an "E" t Red Dirt Ramblings. I love gardening and blogging, and I hope it shows.

I like all of your favs. It was lovely to come to Texas and meet so many garden bloggers, such interesting folks.

Thanks again.~~Dee

Anonymous said...

Mary Beth, you're the best. Thanks for choosing me for the "E," and what a hoot to be called a diva of anything. Ha! :-) And thanks for giving me a kick in the pants to go visit Hoe and Shovel. I've been meaning to, but it's so hard to keep up with all the bloggers nowadays that I'd put it off. But I just popped over and you're right, it's terrific!

Brianna said...

Thank you for the E award, Mary Beth! Like Jane Marie, I'm honored to be in the company of so many other amazing bloggers.

It's wonderful to hear some encouraging words right now, since I haven't had much time for gardening or blogging lately. More on the reason why in an upcoming post on Seeds...

vbdb said...

Wow, I don't know what to say. Just copy Jane Marie's comment here, I guess, because I'm speechless. I agree with all your other choices, by the way. Aren't you just amazed by the depth of talent and artistry in this community? Anyway, don't know how you picked me, but thank you.

Meems said...

Mary Beth, Great job on passing along the award.Isn't that the most fun part? Thanks for the link and all the kind words. Cultivating Paradise is more than worthy of the E award. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog since you started. I'm so proud of you becoming a master gardener... and running a inspire me. Have a great weekend!
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

vertie said...

Thank you, Mary Beth. I am honored as well. I enjoy all the other blogs you nominated as well. Maybe we'll get to meet sometime and share stories in person.