Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seed Season

I'm always looking for plants that have pretty Fall seeds - a little something to bring the feel of Autumn to our semi-tropical area. One plant group I sometimes overlook are palms - and many of them produce some striking seed stems - such as the Pygmy Date Palm, Phoenix roebellini.

This January photo shows the inflouresence of a Pygmy Date.

By March, the seeds are small but well-formed.

In May, I don't see much change in the seed - they're just a little bit bigger.

And finally, this morning, the Pygmy Date is sporting these gorgeous maroon and purple-black seeds. I think now is the time to gather a few for a seed exchange - and maybe I'll cut a stem or two for decorations inside the house.


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Palms are such stately and ornamental plants. The flowering time is great too. I have two huge Cuban royal palms; 20 years old but they have never flowered. Alexandra, Bangalow palms and fishtail flower freely. I also grow the pygmy date palm.

Mary Beth said...

TITANIA - I'm hoping to grow some fishtale palms when I landscape a new bed. I've never heard of Bungalow palms - I'll have to check them out. . .