Sunday, October 12, 2008

Got Dogs?

If you've got dogs, then you'll want to check out beneficial nemotodes. They are a chemical free way to control fleas and ticks in your yard. Sold embedded in a small sponge, which is soaked in water to release the microscopic animals. The water is then put into a hose-end sprayer (one that has not been used for insecticides) and applied to your lawn. Our rescued dog, Red

Unable to find any beneficial nemotodes locally, I've ordered them online the past few years. Was I ever excited to find them at Veranda's Nursery in Port Isabel yesterday! They are 10 days old and safely stored in their refrigerator. In the Valley, we should apply to the lawn in Fall and Spring. There are lots of people out there better informed about them than I am, so for more information, just google "beneficial nemotodes". All I know is that when I make an early spring application, we have less flea, tick and fire ant problems.


Anonymous said...

This is handy information. I don't happen to have fleas or ticks in my yard (praise heaven) but I know folks who do. Thanks!

Garden Wise Guy said...

Mary Beth: Thanks for stopping by my Garden Wise Guys blog and leaving your comment. Always glad to start someone's day with a laugh. It's even more important these days.

Thanks to your comment, I discovered your blog. I haven't read through it (that pesky thing called real employment gets in the way) but the first thing I found was this great news about lawns and fleas. Being a strong advocate for sustainable landscaping, I'll dig into the topic and see what I can spread to others. Thanks!

billy goodnick (alias Garden Wise Guy)

Susan Tomlinson said...

What a wonderful blog! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so that I could find yours. I love the RGV--it's one of my favorite places to go birding.