Thursday, May 14, 2009

Same song, second verse

Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant Tree, Flame of the Forest, Peacock Flower - exotic names for a most exotic looking tree! I know that I just posted pictures of this very tree BUT I am mesmerized - plus I've been waiting SEVEN LONG YEARS for her to bloom so humor me.
What a wonderful welcome home!


RJGUTEX said...

Glad to see others admire this tree as much as I do. I await each summer in the Valley simply to see the Poincianas. I am currently growing seedlings of both the red and yellow (var. flavida). They are one year old now. Hope they do well as I got one from Australia and the latter from Florida.

Mary Beth said...

RJGUTEX - Have you been to the Gladys Porter Zoo when the Poincianas are blooming. That's where I fell in love with this tee. They have huge old ones that are absolutely breathtaking this time of year.

Rock rose said...

That is one gorgeous tree and what a statement it makes. Looks like something that grows in Hawaii.

Penny Carnathan said...

I totally understand your excitement. Your poinciana is a wonderful tribute to 7 years (unbelievable! Imagine being on hold that long!) of patience.
When my 2-foot-tall jacaranda finally blooms, I will be slathering the internet with photos.

Germi said...

What a BEAUTY, Mary Beth!

If I had this tree, I would be posting pics of it up the wazoo! You are justified! Can you believe the colors? Simply GORGEOUS!!!

Your pal in the 'Flamboyant'