Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - June Edition

Shrimp Plant - I thought I was buying the traditional color and seem to have picked up the maroon ones - I guess it's good for me to get away from oranges and reds a little bit.

Flame of the Woods, Ixora coccinea

Firebush, Hamelia patens

Wild Olive, Cordia boissieri

Variegated Shell Ginger, Alpina vittata

Pato de Chiva (Goat's Hoof),

Penta, Penta lanceolata


Frangipani, Plumeria rubra


Rosa 'Adam'


Mexican Bird of Paradise, Caesalpinia pulcherrina
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Jan said...

Love the Mexican Bird of Paradise - very pretty.

Always Growing

Tira said...

Wow, you have lots of bright, beautiful blooms in your garden-several of which we share.

Tira said...
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Granny Fran said...

I love seeing the plants you can grow,so far south of me, that will not flourish in my garden. I am so crazy about the Lantanas, which we have to grow as annuals. It would be wonderful to have them be perennial and get larger and more prolific.