Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last month, I posted pictures of one of our night blooming cacti. I had listed it as Epiphyllum oxypetalom, but am now thinking that I was wrong. Carol at May Dreams Gardens grows this and you can clearly see that it has much wider petals. Click here to see her blooms - but I wish I could see her actual plant! The bloom below is more like Carol's. Big and hearty! Maybe Aiyana over at Water When Dry could guide us in this! Do night blooming cactus grow in Arizona? I am thankful that neither of these cacti have thorns. Even though they are bulky to work around and prune, they aren't dangerous!

One thing I love about both of these plants is their source. The top cactus came from my father's yard and the bottom from one my father-in-law dug from a pasture fence-line. Maybe I should just name them Tom's Cactus and LP's Cactus.

I apologize for not really having any information to share - but I hope this post serves as a reminder for me to do a little reading!


Anonymous said...

My BIL keeps a night vigil so as not to miss this plant's night time blooms.

Jan said...

There are different varieties of this plant which account for the different shaped blooms. I have two different ones also. One is like your first photo and the other is like Carol's. I certainly enjoy seeing these when they bloom

Always Growing