Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - September Edition

Mexican Bird of Paradise or Caesalpinia pulcherrima is the one plant is is blooming profusely this month.    The hummingbirds and butterflies are enjoying it as much as us people are - maybe more.  

Caesalpinia is a large shrub or small tree.   It has brittle branches with vicious thorns!   It's a vigorous grower that can take all the pruning one might want to do!    A heavy re-seeder, you may find yourself pulling many volunteers.   Caesalpinea is a great filler for bare spots of the garden -  spread a few seeds and within one season y ou will have a mature plant. 

It looks equally striking from a distance or up close.  Just check out the detail on the bloom below! 
Others things blooming in Deep South Texas right now are:
Kapok Trees (but not mine - must still be too young)
Fire Bush, Hamelia patens
Liriope, Giant Monkey Grass Liriope muscari
Frangipani, Plumeria rubra

Night Blooming Cactus or Cereus, small bloom Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day to you all!   To see what's blooming  in gardens all around the world, visit May Dreams Gardens


Nell Jean -- seedscatterer said...

My Caesalpinia is all seed pods now, and I hope next year to have a wall of Esperanza with BoP, or Pride of Barbados in front and Porterweeds stuck in every empty space. It's a marvelous time of year. Night Blooming Cereus is putting on buds again.

Thanks for a Bloom Day post with which I identify, except for Kapok.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love the look of those orange blooms! Your description reminds me of trumpet vines, which have some of the same qualities of spreading themselves around, and having bright colored blooms. The blooms don't look the same, though.

Aiyana said...

Your Bird of Paradise plants are so large and lush! We have millions of them here in Arizona, but they are smaller and the foliage less green. Flowers are the same though, but sparser. Guess your extra rain makes all the difference.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to this plant.

Mary Beth said...

NELl Jean - There is the most gorgeous Kapok tree along the local expressway - if I wasn't driving so fast, I could get a picture of it - It is absolutely covered in pink flowers.

SUE - Trumpets vines are another wonderful vibrant bloom, aren't they? I have to admit that I shy away from vines - I tend to never get around training them properly.

AIYANA - My first visit to Phoenix I was amazed at all the plant material we share! I guess hot is hot whether its humid or dry. . .

Mother Nature Garden - That's what I love about reading garden blogs - I learn so much about other areas and from other gardeners!