Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Blog Reading

I find it hard to keep up with all my favorite blogs - some are in my Blogger reading list; some are in my WordPress reading list; and some are just linked to Cultivating Paradise.   I have found that I don't like email notifications of new posts.   Too many emails in my inbox makes me hyperventilate.  All of this means that I pretty much have to be on a computer to read blogs posts.   Recently, I came across a phone ap called Bloglovin and I have hope that I can easily access all my favorite blogs on my phone or iPad!   Keep your fingers crossed.   If you have Bloglovin, you can follow me here.   And here's a little eye candy for all my gardening and nature loving friends!
 Queen Caterpillars feeding on dill plants.   In a few weeks, they will (hopefully) become beautiful butterflies!
 Zinnias, bachelors buttons, basil, and sage cut from my daughters garden.   Here's a great reason to garden!

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