Saturday, April 1, 2017

Don't Buy This

Don't ya love it when trying to save time backfires - like yesterday when I grabbed some potting mix at the grocery store because I didn't want to stop at the nursery for one item.
 I'll add this brand to my list of "Don't Buy This".  
And here is why . . . 
Yep, that's how it came out of the bag.   (And it was Made in Texas so I expected some good stuff)

The label clearly lists the ingredients as "compost, indigenous wood fiber, and sand".   Those are good things but the mix must have been moist when it was bagged.  The bag was heavy and stiff so I should have realized that it was not what I wanted.    

Lucky for me, I had a bag of vermiculite to amend the mix with.    And the result wasn't too bad - 
Definitely good enough to bump a plant into a larger pot.   I'm still not sure what the white and orange spots on the potting "chunks" is so I won't use it again until I give it some time and make sure it doesn't do any harm. 

Happy gardening!  

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